Advertising on STiBaRC

Have a project? Want people to know it exists? STiBaRC is the small, niche community you want to advertise to. Just upload or link your photo, send a link for it to redirect to, give it hover text, and be on your way!


Advertisements on STiBaRC can charged in two ways: a static rate for the duration the ad is running, or pay-per-click. The rates are $2.50/week, or $0.20/click. Discounts or outright exemptions can be provided on request, depending on your situation, project, or request. Request a deduction or exemption here.

Acceptable ads

Ads will be accepted automatically and placed in a queue to be displayed if all spots are taken. Ads may be cancelled any time if they break these terms. Any ad is acceptable as long as it doesn't contain or advertise the following: And so on...

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